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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Face Q Ocean + Aloe Mask

I got to try this ocean + aloe mask from Face Q, which (after reading some info on the brand) apparently is from the company who also makes My Beauty Diary.

Here is what the front of the cute mask package looks like:

And the back:

I was quite excited to try this because I am a fan of My Beauty Diary (MBD) products, + my skin has been a little dry lately because of the cold weather, so aloe must be good for it, right?
So, here's my review on this product...

This smelled really nice - like a fresh "watery" scent. Nothing too overwhelming and it's one of those scents where probably everyone is okay with having stuck under your nose for the 20 minutes you have this mask on.

Size - The size of the mask is much bigger than the masks from the MBD line. Because I have a small face, this mask was huge on me... I had about an inch on the sides just hanging out because I didn't want to get the serum onto my hair, and the extra length on could cover the entire underside of my chin til where my chin meets my neck.
Serum - The serum is quite thin and watery-feeling compared to any other masks I've used. Usually, I feel like I am patting my face for what seems like forever to get my skin to absorb the rest of the serum after I pull off my masks, but the serum either got absorbed or evaporated very quickly with this product.

What it claims to do - "Face Q Ocean + Aloe Mask marine collagen mask full of water allows you have instant access to the moisture to achieve a supple and smooth skin. Enriched with aloe vera gel, its carefully woven fiber essence bears more moisture and nourishment to skin, immediate improves the texture of your skin, and creates skin clarity and translucency!"

What I thought it did - My skin felt moisturized. This mask really  helped with the dryness during this cold weather. My skin did also feel a bit smoother after applying the mask, but I don't think it did much for creating skin clarity and/or translucency.

The FaceQ masks are quite affordable, and from this experience, I'm likely to try out the other masks from this brand =]

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